As Above So Below


One of the most read sections in today’s magazines is the Horoscope. This suggests that even if we deny a belief in the direct influence of the stars and planets on our daily lives, we at least entertain the possibility that people of the same star sign might share some broad personality characteristics.

In the Middle Ages no such ambiguity existed. Everything in the world was understood to be connected to everything else in some way, and the idea of “as above, so below” held sway. What existed in the heavens above, existed in the world below. As everything, everywhere, was thought to be composed of various combinations of the four elements – earth, fire, water and air – when something moved or changed in the heavens above, human bodies reacted below. Medieval people had witnessed the effects on the phases of the moon on the Earth’s tides so why wouldn’t the body’s elements similarly respond? And respond even more markedly to the (apparent) movement of the stars and planets in the sky. The influences of the heavens above were believed to be particularly influential on the body’s health (or ill-health), with the different astrological phases influencing different parts of the body.

Thus, “Zodiac Man” was born as a handy guide to pinpointing general ailments and weaknesses in the body. Broadly, here is a summary of the correspondence between zodiac signs and those susceptible bodily parts and functions:

Aries – Head, eyes, adrenals


Taurus – Neck, throat, shoulders, ears

Gemini – Lungs, nerves, arms, shoulders, fingers

Cancer – Chest wall, breasts

Leo – Heart, spine, upper back, spleen

Virgo – Abdomen, bowel, liver, gallbladder, pancreas

Libra – Lower back, buttocks, hips, kidneys, endocrines

Scorpio – Reproductive organs, pelvis, urinary bladder, rectum

Sagittarius – Thighs and lower legs

Capricorn – Knees; and bones and skin generally

Aquarius – Ankles, blood vessels generally

Pisces – Feet

So … thinking of your own star sign, do any of the weaknesses ring true? (Not that we believe such things today!)


11 Replies to “As Above So Below”

  1. Well written and I can relate since I see that my ankles are my weak spot…..I’ve been on crutches three times in the last 5 years!
    Also….thanks for visiting my blog! Appreciate the company!


  2. So true. I couldn’t agree more. Of course there are things from the past that we (rightly) discard but there are also many things worth maintaining and building on. An appreciation of the connection between everything is one of them.

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  3. Hi and thanks for the follow.

    It saddens me somewhat that modern day magazine horoscopes grossly oversimplify what is a very complex study that was every bit as vigorous and structured in olden days as our sciences are today, given the obvious limitations of the times.

    They give the majority the idea that everyone on the planet falls into 12 equal groupings and one size ‘fits’ all.. The truth is many different factors along with one’s Sun Sign combine within any one individual’s nature and these factors combine in both positive and negative ways over time periods ranging from minutes to years making one’s relationships with the heavens manifestly more complex.

    I agree with you…we can learn a lot from the past.



    1. So true. The great thinkers of the past laid the foundations for so many of our modern sciences, and the declining study of the great sweep of history that preceded us is not to our general advantage (I think). Many thanks for the interesting comment.


  4. I think you’re right there! i also think there is a certain degree of hubris in many of today’s scientists that leads some to discount or not appreciate the understanding of our connection to the natural world that past scholars had and in some cases are kind or re-inventing the wheel with their modern ‘discoveries’.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂


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  5. Reblogged this on L'actualité de Lunesoleil and commented:
    Bélier – Tête, yeux, glandes surrénales
    Taureau – Le cou, la gorge, les épaules, les oreilles
    Gémeaux – Poumons, nerfs, bras, épaules, doigts
    Cancer – Paroi thoracique , Seins
    Léo – Coeur, colonne vertébrale, haut-dos, rate
    Vierge – Abdomen, intestin, foie, vésicule biliaire, pancréas
    Balance – Bas-dos, fesses, hanches, reins, endocrines
    Scorpion – Organes reproducteurs, bassin, vessie urinaire, rectum
    Sagittaire – Cuisses et jambes inférieures
    Capricorne – Genoux; Et les os et la peau en général
    Verseau – Les chevilles, les vaisseaux sanguins en général
    Poissons – Pieds


      1. I have an interest in Lastrologie medical, I also have a few books on the subject
        🌚🌛🌝🌜Merci encore pour cet article et bon week-end 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑

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